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The cover for one of our most anticipated 2021 reads is finally here and we're still not over it! Illustrators, Andrea Mendez and Shady Curi, did a fantastic job in bringing to life Asahye Brown's heart-pumping fantasy, Dream County.

Dream Country follows the dysfunctional triplet gods of Sleep, Dreams and Nightmares, who are kept separate by the deadly Gates of Horn and Ivory. Only one fact keeps them tightly bound: each of them is a suspect in their mother’s murder. Their knife-edge feud worsens when a mortal enters the world with astounding abilities that threaten to change the game for them all.


In this thrilling young adult fantasy, Ashaye Brown brings to life a visionary world infused with Kenyan, Brazilian, Caribbean, and Grecian cultural references. A story like no other with stakes as high as they come.

Scroll down to feast your eyes on the gorgeous cover and don't forget to read an exclusive in-conversation interview with the author herself.

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In-conversation interview with Ashaye Brown

Reni Amayo: I vividly remember when I first read Dream Country. I had settled into my little sofa, tea in hand, and let me tell you now, I wasn’t ready. The first chapter, honestly, gave me chills. You can really tell that you poured a lot into this story, how do you feel now that it’s about
to be published?

Ashaye Brown: I’m honestly still in shock. For a long time, Dream Country’s world was my own private space to get lost in. It’s amazing to think that now other people will have a chance to become lost in it too.

Reni Amayo: Let’s talk about the cover. It literally took my breath away, what did you think when you first saw it?

Ashaye Brown: I was overwhelmed by what the artist had created. The cover has captured both the beauty of the characters and the symbolism and tone of their story. I couldn’t have hoped for anything more.

Reni Amayo: One of the many remarkable things about Dream Country is the dark complexity in Theo, Tores and Fanta’s relationship. If you could describe each of the triplets using only one word, which words would you choose?

Ashaye Brown: Theo is the gentle one. Tores is deeply troubled. Fanta is queenly.

Reni Amayo: You have a real gift for building intricate worlds, where did you get your inspiration for the story?

Ashaye Brown: I've always been inspired by global mythologies, the way different cultures tell their stories, and what their stories, in turn, can tell others about them. I believe Dream Country’s world is a reflection of the diversity and intricacies of our own world.


Reni Amayo: Can you leave us with a hint about Dream Country and what readers should expect from this epic fantasy (without giving too much away, of course)?

Ashaye Brown: You should expect a story about family and about loss. About what it means to belong to one place or another; and about how far some people are willing to go to hold on to a

Dream Country comes out on April 27th 2021. Pre-order your copy here!

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