Our largely sought after ‘Daughters of Nri’ book box experience is finally available for purchase. The box was cleverly curated to contain an experience heavily representing the book and the Nigerian elements touched on within ‘The Return of the Earth Mother’ series.


The book box contains:

  • Handmade, natural soy candle (165g); either OHIA (Forest) or OBI (Palace) scented

  • #GotSoul Series T-shirt; 100% cotton t-shirt with an Nsibidi soul symbol; either black or white

  • An Igbo & Nigerian dictionary detailing all of the Nigerian words in the book

  • A signed book mark

  • A description of the Nsibidi symbols within the book

  • Adorned with gold feathers and foliage to bring together the overall feel of the kingdom of Nri

  • Paperback copy of ‘Daughters of Nri’ if you buy the box with the book


This book can be purchased both without the book (for immediate dispatch) or with the book (for pre-order for October 1st)

Book Box: Daughters of Nri

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