Book Box: Dream Country

Our ‘Dream Country’ book box experience is finally here. The box was cleverly curated to contain an experience heavily representing the book's three realms: Dreams, Sleep and Nightmares. 


The book box contains:


  • Zion: a handmade, natural soy candle (75g); packed with scents that rewire your brain for sweet dreams

  • Reverie: herbal tea & tea steeper (12g, 6+ cups); made with natural sleep-inducing herbs

  • Rest: a pillow sleep mist (30ml); infused with lavender, chamomile, violet, clove and rose.

  • Doze: a satin eye mask

  • Myth: mythological beasts cards depicting key characters from Brazillian mythology

  • Release: Hawaiian black lava crystal bath salts (55g, 1 bath) made to relieve stress and draw out toxins


This book can be purchased both without the book (dispatch within 7-10 working days) or with the book (for pre-order for April 27th)

Book Box: Dream Country

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