Release date: 22nd February


Over 7 billion people across the planet share one common thing: we dream. Yet, only a select few of us can transform these dreams into reality. What do these successful people have in common? They simply follow the essential steps—one at a time—to reach their goals.




Well, not quite. 


The Art of Doing is far from easy, which is why so many people around the world struggle to move consistently towards their goals.


Thankfully, we’ve found a way round the obstacles. Behavioural scientists have found that prompting people to make plans significantly increases the chances of follow-through. In other words, good planning can help you to do.


This journal is designed to assist you on the path to reaching your goals and dreams. You’ll find daily, weekly and monthly planning prompts for the next 12-weeks to spur you on. The behaviour trackers and reflections included will also go a long way in facilitating your transformation into the ultimate do-er.





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