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A sibling rivalry to fuel your worst nightmares.


The dysfunctional triplet gods of Sleep, Dreams and Nightmares are kept separate by the deadly Gates of Horn and Ivory.


Only one fact keeps them tightly bound: each of them is a suspect in their mother’s murder.


Their knife-edge feud worsens when a mortal enters the world with astounding abilities that threaten to change the game for them all.


In this thrilling young adult fantasy, Ashaye Brown brings to life a visionary world infused with Kenyan, Brazilian, Caribbean, and Grecian cultural references. A story like no other with stakes as high as they come.


Release date: April 27th 2021


Dream Country

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  • Ashaye Brown is a British author of Afro-Caribbean descent. Ashaye’s unparalleled passion for mythology led her to study a range of world cultures and mythologies, before exploring them further through her writing. Ashaye’s debut novel ’Dream Country’ is the first in an intended series set in visionary realms themed around dreams, nightmares and rich mythologies.


    In her words:

    "I am proud to be working with the team at Onwe Press whose highlighting of original narratives makes them the ideal pairing for my debut novel. For me, a new reality is created everytime a story is told about dreams, about what it means to hold on to them or to be forced to let them go. I can't wait for readers to become as swept up in this world as I was while creating it."


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